Episode 6

Published on:

19th Nov 2020


Dad and Sam head in to deep space with the crew of the Nostromo to answer a supposed distress call. In reality we are on our way to enjoying one of the best science fiction/monster horror movies of all time. 1979's Alien has held up incredibly well and Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley remains one of the iconic badass women of film. We are joined by amateur horror film maker Rion Smith to discuss the importance of this classic in the oeuvre.

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About the Podcast

Dead and Slaughter; the Dad and Daughter Horror Show
A teenager who likes horror and her dad who loves film find something to talk about watching where the two come together
"Dad, wanna watch a movie?"
"That's not a movie."

Who with a teenager hasn't had that conversation before?! In our home, Sam KNOWS what is best and dad is just a stick in the mud. But begrudgingly, daughter dearest has come to see that dad might know something about film after all. So when Sam confessed that she REALLY liked horror films and dad said that he REALLY didn't, they thought that together, maybe they could learn something about the genre.

Come along with them as they watch some of the best films ever made, that just happen to be scary.

Dead and Slaughter are Dad and Daughter, making their way through many a horror show.

About your hosts

Jeffrey Sankoff

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Jeff Sankoff is an emergency physician, multiple Ironman finisher and the TriDoc. Jeff owns TriDoc Coaching and is a coach with LifeSport Coaching. Living in Denver with his wife and three children, Jeff continues to race triathlons while producing the TriDoc podcast.

Samantha Sankoff

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Sam, aka Slaughter, aka Daughter loves horror films. OK, maybe 'loves' is pushing it. However, she does like watching them with her dad and learning the finer points of film making.